Future Visions

Through positive solutions, add your hand and heart. Impact our rural community today!

  • GHS/MS Lab Restaurant and cooperative food store, Business Class
  • Learning and environment run by staff, students, and sustainability format
  • Developing a tennis court plan for revitalization
  • Book houses, coordinating with GHS and GCC for collaboration interests and stewardship
  • Develop notecard sets of mural/3 part sections
  • Increase art at MS and HS levels
  • We are currently collaborating on creative, “Welcome to Glide” signs. With our growing community, we are gathering community concept input for theme ideas, as we also ask for donations of varying amounts. Feel free to contact us regarding ideas and donations.

Set your vision in the heart of the heart of the community by getting involved in local projects not already offered. Our children, families, and visitors to Glide will reap the benefits.

Creative innovation is only a “YES” away. We hope you will find space and time to contact us and get involved.